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S2 / E5 - Shah Alam

Mental Health Barriers for British Bangladeshi Men

Episode Overview

In this episode, we are joined by Shah Alam (Trainee Clinical Psychologist) who shares his doctoral research findings that explored the mental health barriers and support for men from the Bangladeshi community. Shah also talks about the lack of representation and his personal journey into the profession as a male from an ethnic minority background.

“A lot of expectations and pressures that men in the community can face, so there can be a lot of cultural expectations of being the breadwinner, being the head of the household, needing to support the family…”
“In the Sylheti language we don’t have exact words that maybe translate to certain words that we often use in the West, like depression...”

About Shah Alam

Current Role: Trainee Clinical Psychologist

Episode Title: Mental Health Barriers for British Bangladeshi Men

Episode #: Series 2: Episode 5

Shah Alam is a Trainee Clinical Psychologist from Royal Holloway. For his doctoral thesis, Shah researched the mental health and barriers to support for British-Bangladeshi Muslim Men. Shah is also a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and will be working in pediatrics after completing his training. Shah has a keen interest to tackle healthcare inequalities for racially minoritised populations and increase representation within the profession.

Social Links

Twitter: @Shah_257


How to get Bangladeshi men talking about mental health

Mental health tips for lockdown in Sylheti (Bengali)


BABCP Equality & Culture Special Interest Group @BABCP_Equality

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