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S1 / E2 - Dr Glorianne Said

Dr Glorianne Said on ‘Foundation 63’ and its support for unaccompanied refugee minors.

Episode Overview

In this episode, Dr Glorianne Said talks about how she’s tailored therapy to the needs of refugee and asylum seeker young people. Glorianne also talks about group dynamics, working with interpreters, and discusses the importance of cultural considerations.

“Being really curious about what their [young people] culture meant and what things were like for them”

About Dr Glorianne Said

Current Role: Clinical Psychologist

Episode Title: Working with Refugee & Asylum Seeker Young People

Episode #: Series 1: Episode 2

Dr Glorianne Said is a Clinical Psychologist who works with children and young people who have experienced trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Her passion and research interests revolve around the care and support for unaccompanied refugee minors. Glorianne has set up an organisation called ‘Foundation 63’ to support a better model of care for this client group.

“Finding a starting point to think about, well how are we going to make this concept of mental health, as we think about it in our profession, become meaningful to people who have been experiencing ongoing stress, but also have recently experienced quite severe trauma”

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Twitter - @Gloriannethinks

Twitter - @Foundation63


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