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S1 / E3 - Dr Nadia Rehman Sadiq

Adapting Therapy for Muslim Communities

Episode Overview

In this episode, we talk to Dr Nadia Rehman Sadiq who talks about her work with diverse groups in inner city Bristol. Nadia discusses how she’s adapted CBT for clients from BAME backgrounds. In addition, Nadia draws upon her own research about experiences of Muslim women who’ve accessed psychological therapy, and shares how she’s used social media to reach a broader range of clients.

About Dr Nadia Rehman Sadiq

Current Role: Counselling Psychologist

Episode Title: Adapting Therapy for Muslim Communities

Episode #: Series 1: Episode 3

Dr Nadia Rehman Sadiq is a counselling psychologist working in private practice, predominantly with Muslim and ethnic minority females. Throughout her training and work she has developed a keen interest in making therapy accessible and providing online psychoeducation. You can find her empowering women through creating safe spaces for emotional processing and growth.

“In my private practice, I’ve actually seen more ethnic minority individuals within the first 5-6 weeks of starting my private practice than I did in my whole 3-4 years in the NHS. For me, that says a lot.”

Social Links

Twitter - @spiritual.psychologist

Podcast Features

Dealing with Perfectionism with courage:

Giving too much of yourself in family dynamics:

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