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S1 / E9 - Dr Mary Griggs

Working with Refugee & Asylum Seeker Communities & The Deaf Community

Episode Overview

In this episode, we talk to Dr Mary Griggs who talks about her experience of working with refugee and asylum seeker communities, as well as the deaf community. Mary discusses how she manages communication barriers with both groups, being a White British therapist and hearing person.

“I feel like I’ve got to know the Deaf community; you can never be an insider in the Deaf community if you’re hearing, but over the years I think I’ve moved a little closer. I’ve had so much experience of the difficulties that Deaf people go through that I feel like I understand the story really well. I can’t feel the distress, but I can understand the story.”

About Dr Mary Griggs

Current Role: Clinical Psychologist, Traumatic Stress Service & Specialised Deaf Service, & AWP Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust.

Episode Title: Working with Refugee & Asylum Seeker Communities & The Deaf Community

Episode #: Series 1: Episode 9

Dr Mary Griggs is currently clinical lead for the Hope: Asylum-seeker & Refugee Trauma Service which offers posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) care pathways for people who are seeking asylum. Mary also leads a service working with deaf and blind sign language users with mental health needs. Mary is interested in navigating cultural difference in frameworks of mental health which includes the use of interpreters, and promoting positive and reflective practice to address cultural and structural barriers.

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