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S2 / E4 - Afsana Faheem & Dr Kate Cooper

Reflect on their Podcast Journey and Launch the Website

Episode Overview

Given the exciting launch of their website, in this episode, podcast hosts Afsana and Kate reflect back on their journey over the last year and a half. They talk about the importance of the podcast in the context of clinical psychology teaching and practice.

Afsana: “It’s better to ask, then to be ignorant, that’s the most important thing… being mindful of other people’s experiences, and trying to understand where other people are coming from...”
Kate: “I suppose for me, I always feel quite a lot of imposter syndrome… it’s been about pushing myself to do something that sometimes feels uncomfortable, I feel like I’m outside my area of personal experience, and also professional expertise to quite a big extent. But I think that’s really important and I think, you know, as White professionals we really need to educate ourselves…”

About Afsana Faheem & Dr Kate Cooper

Current Role: What About Us Podcast Hosts

Episode Title: Meet the Hosts and Website Launch

Episode #: Series 2: Episode 4

Afsana Faheem is a lecturer in the Department of Psychology at University of Bath, teaching predominately on the MSc Applied Clinical Psychology programme. Afsana’s teaching tends to focus on working with diversity and cultural competence. In response to the global pandemic which resulted in the cancellation of face-to-face teaching, Afsana initiated the What About Us podcast in order to bring the stories of clinicians from diverse backgrounds to her students.

Dr Kate Cooper is an NIHR clinical doctoral research fellow working in the Department of Psychology at the University of Bath. Kate is a BABCP accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and a HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist. Kate’s interest in diversity in clinical psychology deepened when working with refugees and asylum seekers in both the UK and Greece. These experiences, along with a commitment to helping diversify the clinical psychology profession, meant that she was delighted to be able to join Afsana in developing the What About Us podcast.

Social Links


Twitter - University of Bath BAME Mentoring Scheme @bamementor

Twitter - @Afsana_PhD

Student Feedback

“I found the podcasts extremely interesting and useful. It was great hearing first-hand what the struggles of BAME practitioners are and how they went about tackling them. It was also good to hear about cultural adaptations in real world clinical practice. Cultural competence is an extremely important and relevant topic that should not be swept under the rug, so it was useful hearing about it.”
“Cultural lectures were my favourite of the year. Really engaging and interesting, and can't believe how glossed over this subject has been in my undergrad, considering how interesting it is and how many considerations around culture need to be made! Definitely has opened my eyes to the considerations that need to be made in practice."
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