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S2 / E6 - Dr Nancy Nsiah

A Model to Promote Anti-Discriminatory Practice in Mental Health Settings

Episode Overview

In this episode, Dr Nancy Nsiah introduces the Social Change Ecosystem model as a helpful way of thinking about your role within changing mental health services for the better. Nancy also reflects on her own journey to a career in clinical psychology, and her attentiveness to stories of difference within her clinical work.

"I would just highlight that we're all part of an ecosystem and that we can perhaps take time to think about ways in which we contribute to the overarching values or cause that we're working towards. Whether that's anti-discriminatory practices, it's really thinking about, what does this look like for me and what do people around me do, how can I complement that? What roles do I need to step back from so that others can also help? And how does my own power and privilege influence how I show up in those roles?"

About Dr Nancy Nsiah

Current Role: Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist for Families and Children in Adult Cancer

Episode Title: A model to promote anti-discriminatory practice in mental health settings

Episode #: Series 2: Episode 6

Dr Nancy Nsiah is a Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist who is deeply committed to moving anti-discriminatory practices from moments to movement. Working across grassroots, corporate and NHS organisations, Dr Nsiah offers a range of creative, psychologically and culturally informed workshops including ‘Freedom Dreaming - Creating a vision for antiracist practices within your organisation’ and ‘Mapping your social justice identity: Therapist Edition’.

Social Links

Twitter: @nanceadwoa

Instagram: theartofbeing_well

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